ABOUT US Team Building Turkey is a professional team building event company that is centered in Antalya and has been serving high-quality Outdoor Adventure Activities, Corporate Team Building and Development programs since 2004. We have served for a lot of domestic and international companies with adventure activities and fixed high ropes courses in the nature and portable activities in hotels, beaches, gardens and forests we have organized in years. Individuals who constitute the groups, teams and companies have different personalities and abilities. Teamwork is to create a whole focusing on the same objective from these different characters and abilities in a balanced manner. Our primary target in the activities and games that have been prepared as a list with a wide range of options and experimented and approved by our team personally is to reveal and develop the contribution of personal thinking and skills in the aim of building a successful team. In the fixed and portable activities that can be organized as both Indoor and Outdoor, group members should solve the problems in a harmonizing manner and by helping each other to succeed. Activities have been designed to achieve the most effective result in boosting in-group communication, revealing the talents, leadership, struggling together, mutual confidence and focusing on the same objective. Fun and full of laughter is guaranteed in our all Team Building programs.