Activity Info
Category :Outdoor Adventure Activities
Group Size :5 – 50 People
Duration :3 – 3,5 Hours
Benefits :Guiding, Sense of Trust, Motivation, Solidarity, Fun Physical Strength, Creating Energy

While canyoning is, of course, one of the most exciting and enjoyable outdoor adventure activities there is, it is also that tiring, but at the end of the activity, all your tiredness will be worth it as you experience the satisfaction and the sense of pride that the achievement gives you. Canyoning is truly a challenge. Simply put, canyoning can be summed up as passing through a variety of techniques. In this activity, the participant will pass through the narrow and deep water bed that passes through the steep canyon walls at a height of several meters, sometimes by swimming, oftentimes by descending from the waterfalls and other technical equipment, or by jumping from the rocks up to eight meters in height into natural water ponds.