Activity Info
Category :Corporate Indoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 300 People
Duration :1,5 – 2 Hours
Benefits :Project Management, Communication Skills, Making Plan, Effective Strategy, Uniting Teams

The Pipeline is an activity in which there is no single winning team as the smaller teams are acting in harmony with each other and the whole group is the winner at the end. A limited amount of PVC material, plastic clamps, tape, wooden supports, and the like are provided to the teams. Each team represents an imaginary country that they decide on. Borders separate the countries from each other, and each team builds its own pipeline within its own country’s borders. In the activity that takes after One Team, One Goal, the whole group will reach the goal as one team. In order to achieve this, all countries join their pipelines with those in neighboring countries at each border. The success of the entire pipeline construction will be judged by whether the ball that is let go in the first country is able to make it through to the last country without getting stuck.