River Kayaking

Activity Info
Category :Outdoor Adventure Activities
Group Size :4 – 50 People
Duration :3 Hours
Benefits :Solidarity, Motivation, Creating Environment of Trust, Concentration

The difference between River Kayaking and White Water Rafting as a group activity is the lack of a guide in the kayak as you would have in the big rafts during White Water Rafting. The control of the kayak is completely in the hands of the participant which makes this activity incredibly exciting and fun. The 2-person inflatable kayaks are quite small compared to the big 8 – 10 person rafts. This means that since these kayaks are smaller and lighter, the kayaker’s face will be at the same level as the waves giving him or her the feeling that s/he is literally sitting on the water. As the River Kayaks ride low, they pass through waves rather than over them. In other words, River Kayaking is a dripping wet adventure.