Big Picture

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Indoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 300 People
Duration :1,5 – 2 Hours
Benefits :Building Intra Team Communication, Brand Awareness, Communication Skills, Sense of Belonging

We will prepare an image based on the request of the participant group and the subject of the meeting, and the participants will paint it on the canvas with the paint and brushes given to them. No participant will know what the big picture is. The group will be divided into smaller teams, and each team will paint their own topic on the canvas. In order to do their best job, teams should work both as a team and in coordination with other teams. All the various pieces painted will be combined like a puzzle at the end, and a bigger picture will have been created through the effort put forth by everyone. At the end of the painting activity, a very colorful and team-oriented activity itself, the whole group will take a picture with their own artwork as a memory in order to immortalize the day.