T-shirt Design

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Indoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 500 People
Duration :1 – 1,5 Hours
Benefits :Creativity, Group Motivation, Brand Awareness, Creating Team Spirit, Cooperation

In addition to the activity itself being independent, the creative t-shirt design is a complementary activity in which teams will put forth their own team characters and creativity before the competitive activities begin. The t-shirt design is a perfect start to the day. The teams will use the t-shirts they’ve designed as team uniforms throughout the day, and they will have taken their first step to show team spirit before the competition begins. Each team member is given a white t-shirt and a paint set, and our team will explain the technique of dyeing fabric. After that, each team will be left to their own imagination. At the end of the games, participants can keep the t-shirts they’ve designed as a souvenir to remember the day.