Domino Effect

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Indoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :5 – 100 People
Duration :1,5 – 2 Hours
Benefits :Risk & Stress Management, Working Under Pressure, Accepting Mistakes, Taking Responsibility

The Domino Effect is one of the most effective team activities focused on inner-group communication. In this activity where colored dominoes are used, teams will construct a picture using the dominoes in the workspace that has been given to them. There will initially be some mistakes in the process of arranging the dominoes and will require patience, but teams will begin to comprehend various domino arrangement techniques through trial and error as well as guidance and help from our team. The most important thing in this activity is not the trial phase but rather the success that will eventually be gained. Each team must learn to work together in their own workspace as well as learn to communicate with other teams. In the end, all projects will be connected with dominoes, and in the grand finale, the chain reaction starting with the falling of just one single domino will turn into a colorfully visual feast that everyone will be able to follow with admiration and pleasure.