White Water Rafting

Activity Info
Category :Outdoor Adventure Activities
Group Size :4 – 400 People
Duration :3 Hours
Benefits :Building Team Spirit, Group Motivation, Cooperation, Creating Energy, Coordination, Fun

The Köprüçay River is born in the Taurus Mountains, flows through natural wonders of canyons, and empties into the Mediterranean Sea south of Serik, Antalya. The Köprüçay River is fed with underground water that accumulates in the canyons that are high and steep on both sides and forms one of Turkey’s most beautiful indigenous, recreation areas. In addition to this, this ornate river which has such archaeological remains as the historical city of Selge, which is found in the mountainous region to the west of the river, historical castles, aqueducts, bridges and roads from the Roman era all along its riverbank, and it also carries the name as Turkey’s most popular rafting course The activity which takes place in the 14 kilometers between the historical Eurymedon Bridge and the Karabük Bridge has 2 – 3 difficulty levels. It offers its viewers the breathtaking view of nature and the Taurus Mountains as it flows through the National Park. This activity can easily be combined with the Jeep Safari or Adventure Park activities in the same day.