Archery Tournament

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities
Group Size : 5 – 100 People
Duration :2 – 2,5 Hours
Benefits :High Concentration, Competitive Strength, Effective Strategy, Focusing on Target, Fun & Motivation

Archery is one of the oldest sports in human history requiring both physical as well as mental focus. During the training given by professional trainers where the participants are taught about the arrow, bow, target, and aiming, etc., they are able to practice shooting. Subsequently, the group is divided into smaller teams in order to compete against themselves. All members of the equal-numbered teams shoot their arrows at the target. The team with the highest overall score is declared the winner for the day. Archery is an extremely useful and amusing activity that is able to develop such areas as gathering attention and long-term concentration, positively developing mental thought and physical action, detailed vision skills, patience, and the ability to patiently work.