Bamboo Raft Building

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 200 People
Duration :2 – 2,5 Hours
Benefits :Developing New Strategies, Risk Management, Finding Creative Solutions, Inter-unit Coordination

The teams try to make a plan with the materials they are given to make the most sturdy and durable raft. While building the rafts, the pieces need to be put in the right places, and the pieces need to be bound together correctly. In addition, each team designs their own team flags which will reflect their team’s defining qualities and members in the competition. These activities are divided into three stages: planning, skill, and construction. The second and wet part of the Rafting Adventure is to put the rafts in the water. All teams will compete with their own rafts on the designated course. What element will determine the winning team? Rowing together in harmony? Designing the raft correctly? Or, both of them? ‘Raft Building & Race’ is an extremely entertaining and effective team building activity that requires strategic planning, cooperation and competition.