Blindfold Drive

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 50 People
Duration :2 – 2,5 Hours
Benefits :Effective Listening, Reaction Under Pressure, Adaptation to New Conditions

Blindfold Drive is a team activity that focuses on inner team communication. The teammate who sits in the driver’s seat is blindfolded and is not able to see where s/he is going. His/her teammates who are in the same vehicle will direct him/her. There are many obstacles on the activity course. The vehicle needs to find its path as quickly as possible without hitting any obstacles, or else every mistake the driver makes will cause the team to lose points. Every team member that can drive will take their turn at this activity. The driver who just completed the course is tasked with giving directions to the team member who is next. The other teammates in the vehicle are not allowed to interfere with a driver who is unable to find his or her path by him/herself. The Blindfold Drive is an effective team activity focused on accurate inner team communication.