Treasure Hunt

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 500 People
Duration :2 – 2,5 Hours
Benefits :Using Information, Fast and Effective Strategy, Cooperation & Coordination, Time Management

The treasure hunt is a strategy game based on finding the checkpoints marked on the map within the specified time period. This game requires skills such as teamwork, strategic decision-making and effective time management. The activity can be organized in large areas such as Antalya Oldtown, the Kurşunlu Waterfall Natural Park or the hotel's gardens where the group stays. Special maps and electronic devices will be used to locate the checkpoints. When the event is over, the data on the control devices of the teams are transferred to the computer and printed out, and the results are immediately evaluated and released. Our team will designate the checkpoints and prepare the activity area in advance by placing electronic equipment at the designated points on the map. The entire group will be divided into smaller teams of equal number. Participants will be given a short pre-activity training regarding map reading and orientation. The map of the activity area, compass and electronic devices will then be distributed to the teams, and the treasure hunt will begin as the teams seek to fulfill the objective.