Archery Tag

Activity Info
Category :Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities
Group Size :10 – 100 People
Duration :1 – 1,5 Hours
Benefits :High Concentration, Competitive Strength, Effective Strategy, Focusing on Target, Fun & Motivation

Archery Tag, is a Paintball-like competitive/strategic activity. Instead of a gun and paintballs, you will be using bows and arrows. Soft sponge tipped arrows will not harms you on contact. For your own safety, you will be required to wear protective mask. In order to hit or eliminate the other team, participants will put in effort to change location, pullback the arrow and bowstring, and shooting arrows. Therefore, it is an activity that requires physical effort. Activity includes two teams, and the goal is to hit other team and their disks. As a result, Archery Tag is a supportive and beneficial activity that encourages team spirit, efficient planning, developing a strategy.