Grand Race

Activity Info
Category :Outdoor Adventure Activities
Group Size :20 – 200 People
Duration :2,5 – 3 Hours
Benefits :Rivalry, Time Management, Focusing on Comman Goal, Making Plan, Collaboration

During this program, rafting, which is already an adventure itself, becomes an exciting race. We created the Grand Race according to international rafting down river racing rules, and then we added a number of entertaining games and obstacles that require speed, time management, intelligence, joint decision-making, team spirit and determination. In other words, the participants who are struggling against the raging river will at the same be racing against their competitors, and they will have to decide as a team how to get past the obstacles that come into their path. Basically, the purpose of the race is to finish the racecourse as quick as possible, but the teams will collect bonuses and penalties based on the missions they perform at the various game stations that have been set up along the course. In other words, finishing the course first is not enough, but the team will also have to perform well as a team.